We're Gonna Fly - 2

Part 2! Long overdue but better late than nothing hahaha.

I only managed to fall asleep at 2am and woke up at 4am. Having my sahur alone at the rooftop, not really bad though. The view was good anyway.

Free food!!! LOL.

The view isn’t bad right??

After eating, I took a bath since I wanted to do my Subuh prayer at Sultan Mosque. My whole body was aching though haha who am I kidding?? I started to have rashes in my neck too ugh SG is more humid than Jakarta I guess. 

So a little bit before adzan I walked out of the hostel heading to the mosque. It was so quiet. Really quiet. No one at the street already but a man who drove to the mosque and got off of his car as I entered the mosque’s entrance.

The entrance from the inside.

Well, after that of course I did my salat subuh. That was my first salat at the mosque overseas (norak but idc it was an accomplishment for me thanks). The familiar sound of adzan and salat berjamaah really did me a comfort in a way I can’t explain. I said this to my friends before that let’s be thankful that it’s so easy to do salat in Indonesia with the amount available and accessible mushollas and mosques.

Sultan Mosque at 6.15 AM

After I got back at the hostel, I started to pack my things back. The memories of the previous night concert was still so strong as I looked through the goods haha. 

My kind of ‘oleh-oleh’

Cheryl still hadn’t contacted me back yet so I just goofed around on twitter and line after I finished packing. I went down around 8, since I said I was going to check out before 8 heh, and sat at the café just downstairs the hostel. The receptionist was kind enough to let me sit and use the wi-fi until Cheryl contacted me back. I sent Cheryl the picture of my (huge) backpack (with rolled poster showing up) in case I had no wi-fi at our meeting point. Thankfully she replied before I decided to go. Around 8.30, I went out of the café and strolled at the area near the hostel. I just walked to Haji lane, Sultan Mosque, Kampong Glam… yeah just the area near there. I couldn’t go far since I was walking with my heavy backpack after all.


Haji Lane
Sultan Mosque during the day!
My kind of place??? LOL it was Malay Heritage Center

It was almost 9.30 am after I walked around so I decide to go to Bugis Junction where I should meet Cheryl. Just like what I thought, there was no free wi-fi so I was waiting in a clueless state hahaha. She found me though and then we went to Bugis Street (no picture since we were busy talking and looking through the stores).

Cheryl had asked her friend who worked as a guide about which places we should visit (she was so nice right???). We first rode the MRT to Raffles Place, we got off and started walking. I don’t really remember the sequence of places we visited… All I remember is first we walked along the river side, then crossed the Cavenagh Bridge, then walked through the park (still along the riverside), before stopped at Asian Civilisations Museum (for the air con). 

Esplanade with a small looking Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum

After walked quite a distance, we stopped again at Esplanade (again for the aircon!! And wi-fi lol).  We sat there for a while, chatted and took a bunch of selcas using Snow then Cheryl showed me the rooftop of Esplanade from which we could look around the area (which I’m 100% sure if it wasn’t because of her I wouldn’t know about that place). I really enjoyed talking to her, it was different from the message we exchanged on Facebook or the e-mail we used to send each other. Even though sometimes I couldn’t catch what did she say and couldn’t talk back that much (RIP my poor English), it was pleasant. She showed me picture from VIXX showcase too (and I really envied her to be able to see VIXX hahaha).

We then walked again, this time to Helix Bridge (which was recommended by Dian). It was blazing hot… Really like really really hot with no wind at all. I was pretty much out of my breath once we reached MBS. Cheryl kept asking me whether I’m alright or not (I caught cold too so I coughed a lot when walking with her – she was actually worried about my health state I felt sorry towards her). At MBS we just used the shortcut (which wasn’t really short under that scorching sun) to Garden by the Bay.
A view of Garden by the Bay.

Since I was broke and Cheryl had promised her friend for lunch, we didn’t enter the garden though. Just taking pics before we finally said goodbye. Againnnnnn this was even sadder than the end of the concert!!! Like it was my very first time meeting my overseas internet friends and I had to say goodbye without knowing when will we see each other again :((((( I was reaaaaally thankful towards Liyana and Cheryl for their help since I was all alone in the foreign country and they told and showed me a lot of things.

With Cher! Hehehe

We went to separate way, Cheryl was going to meet her friend at Orchard meanwhile I wanted to go and do my Dzuhur prayer at Jamae Mosque. So I took the MRT to Chinatown and walked around the area before finally stopping at Jamae Mosque. I didn’t take any picture since I was too exhausted to function properly. Washed my face, did the prayer, and rested for a while before decided to end my journey and go to the airport.

I arrived at Changi too early (what’s new with me being too early), the check-in counter wasn’t open yet. No wi-fi either. I just charged my phone (and my energy by sat down and put my bag down). After I checked in, I went straight to get the access to Wi-fi, bought a bag of Kinder Bueno (LOL MA FAV OK) and prayed. I had to take the sky train to the gate too so yeah I went right away because again too tired to function. I charged my phone (AGAIN HAHA) near the gate while messing with twitter and line (for the nth time) before finally boarded the plane.
All I brought for this trip

I kept getting the window seat I guessed I was lucky.

Bye Singapore! It was a nice experience. I know it was such a reckless, impulsive, decision I made but I didn’t regret it. I felt amazed with the courage I had too haha. I really wish I can go there again one day!

So next trip? Maybe Thailand? Just wait and see lol

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